About The Mistery

Mathew Skurat is a Psychic Medium and Eclectic Witch brought up in hands on, grassroots spirituality, and is now based in the Salem, Massachusetts area. Their  interests root in the very special Victorian era primarily, that was steeped in Spiritualism and built ongoing relationships with spirit, versus one night investigation. Although one night investigations do occur often with events, Mathew recognizes the great importance placed on building ongoing relationship with spirit in general. The name “The Mistery” came partly out of his love of the mysterious and arcane, and also a pun on genderfluidity, them being “Mister Y” in some way or another, or “Mr.y” for short.

Because of this proclivity to the Victorian era, Mathew collects many 1800s antiques, some with spirit and some simply with storied histories. They love to cater for people, as the Victorians did, and they love to conduct safe and sweet séances that connect people with their loved ones on the other side in detailed and meaningful ways.

Since they were young, they have always experienced spirit closely, but it was swiftly taught out of them at this young age. As soon as they hit college on one of the most haunted and oldest campuses in Illinois, their gift opened back up in a large way. Their clairvoyance bloomed to where they were seeing more detail than they could handle at the time, but they have since trained it over the last six years of practice. They have explored all over their college campus and had seen its stories come to life in front of them, stayed the night alone in the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri (featured on Ghost Adventures), and had many other adventures with more to come.

Most recently, and in the last two years, they have worked with Psychic Medium and Good Witch of Hollywood, Patti Negri (notably known for her recurring role on Travel Channel and Discovery+’s “Ghost Adventures”), amongst other great colleagues and mentors, to gain more knowledge and certification in mediumship and many other occult topics. In the last year, they have been certified by Patti in séance, tarot, mediumship, and also an advanced certification in mediumship.

Mathew also taught occult/metaphysical classes at University Magickus, a wonderful Zoom mystery school that is akin to the Hogwarts of online mystery schools, ran by Patti Negri, Father Sebastiaan, and Nicholas Bonanni.


In their mediumship work, Mathew enjoys helping and connecting, empowering and providing spiritual services for their clients and students. They can be found doing one on one mediumship, cartomancy, charm throwing, spiritual guidance, house cleansings/blessings, and teaching the occult, alongside traveling and providing these services at psychic festivals, spiritual events, and metaphysical/paranormal conventions. They also enjoy larger group and intimate séance, mediumship walkthroughs of haunted locations with and without other investigators, and gallery readings at events.

When not doing mediumship or active spiritual work, Mathew enjoys Soto Zen meditation, their houseplants, reading, crocheting and knitting, crafting, and socializing and entertaining.

Mathew’s Mentors:




Mathew’s Teaching Topics of Interest (Found at University Magickus, etc.):

Basics of Banishing

Basics of Planetary Magick

Chaos Magick for Vital Change (4 Class Servitor Focused Series)

Charm Divination

Complete Lenormand Certification (6 Part Divination Series)

Crafting Mojo Bags

Creating Grimoire Pages

Deity Spotlight – Selene

Developing Your Clairvoyance

Divination Spotlight – Obscure Divination

Dream Consciousness, Astral Experiences, and Everything In-Between

Fetches and Their Magickal Uses

Giving Offerings

Graveyard Work and Magick

Haunted Objects and Everything In-Between

Herbs and Their Magickal Uses

History and Use of Witch Balls

Intro and Tutorial to Potions and Elixirs

Intro to Lenormand

Intro to Music and Magick

Intro to Victorian Spiritualism

Magickal Crochet Series (4 Part Fiber Magick Course)

Magickally Navigating Failure

Necromantic Deep Dive: Sarah Winchester

Ocean Magick

Plants and Herbs and Utilization Throughout the Ages – Ancient and Victorian

Something’s in the Air: Incense Magick

Spiritual and Intuitive Protections in the Field

Sustainable Spellwork

The Magick and Spirit of the Antique Store

Video Games as Astral Altars

Weather Magick

Witchcraft on the Go

…and many more