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“Mathew provided guidance for a few different key focuses in my life right now. I left my session with a lot of clarity and peace of mind. I instantly felt like I was amongst a long-time friend. Mathew has a very welcoming personality. Mathew has an amazing gift! I asked for a very general reading. I wasn’t expecting anything profound, since I didn’t have a burning question to ask. Man was I wrong. The details that Mathew shared with me were incredibly spot on. I even received answers to very relevant questions that I didn’t even think to ask. I highly suggest spending time with Mathew, you won’t be disappointed.”

Anonymous Client Testimonial

“Mathew’s wealth of knowledge provided in my session reading was amazing! Professional, exceptional in quality and content, informative, accuracy of reading is beyond all expectation. Reading handled with the upmost respect and dignity. Highly, highly recommended. Mathew’s skill, abilities, training, knowledge and connections are exceptional. Excellence of service and much more. Mathew’s calling is beyond reproach. He answered each of my questions with true knowledge. His reading provided me with clarity, confirmation, teaching, and profound grace. He connected fully and completely providing a true and accurate reading. Mathew is exceptionally talented, knowledgeable and gifted. Please give yourself a life changing experience and meet with Mathew. Yes, I am singing his highest praises as they are well deserved. Thank you Mathew.

Anonymous Client Testimonial

“I took away many positive things, even in seeing the issues at hand and facing them I was guided through very practical and uplifting courses of action. I feel the entire reading was something that will just add to my journey in a catapult kind of way … reinforcing and thrusting me towards my better self. It was an absolute delight and a lot of fun which is something I have never really been able to say about any other reading I have had. It’s interactive, visual, and engaging. The entire experience again was fun … somehow even when talking about darker moments, past lives, and death, there was an uplifting energy. It was exciting and engaged all of my senses. I have never had a more engaging, exciting, and fun reading. The information was illuminating on many levels, there was an instant and deep connection. It was as if Mathew had a very map of parts of my current life, past life, and the very worries inside my head. It was healing and beautiful. I went through all the emotions. I even felt healing coming through as I shed a tear for part of myself, in releasing that initial shock of my past life trauma. I also laughed heartily, found many realizations and confirmations of what I need to do in my waking life, and the gentle guidance to do so. I also loved seeing images come to life in their drawing. The very ones I had in my head. It was as if a file transported from my brain to theirs and then onto paper … without me having to say or describe a thing. It was if they were there walking with me in my visions. I am blown away and I feel a great sense of relief now that I got the confirmations I needed. All while having that cozy setting and support. I truly had a wonderful time and I am very grateful for your help Mathew. Please keep doing what you do and I am excited for our next session.”

– Kirsten, University Magickus Student

My 60 minute reading with Mathew began with him reciting to me a conversation I had with a friend not 20 minutes before our session began. From that moment, I was hooked. Mathew was able to use multiple techniques to read and deliver information. He was direct and delivered his insights in a way that felt tailored perfectly to me. I have had many different types of readings with many different types of readers throughout my life, and I can honestly say that Mathew was the best and most accurate reader that I have ever encountered. He has a lifetime customer in me for sure. I cannot wait to book again! I love the way that Mathew was able to feed off of and match my energy so he delivered all the information in a way that was easily understandable and that my brain was able to process. It felt like he was “speaking my language.” While I do believe there is always room for improvement, my session was handled in exactly the way I wanted and expected it to be. I received a lot of information in a lot of different ways which was enlightening and fascinating! I feel like Mathew was able to deliver information in a way that was neither harsh nor sugarcoated. I didn’t feel like I was being talked down to when he was explaining something I didn’t understand and I feel like I came away from the experience having been exposed to new and interesting things! I can’t wait to learn more!

– Courtney Buckley

—— Panelist, Investigator, and “Ghost Bait” on Scared and Alone, the syndicated Online Live Paranormal Investigation Show featuring herself, Dean Haglund (The X-Files), “The Gentleman” Psychic Richard-Lael Lillard, David L. Sloan (author and keeper of Robert the Doll), “The Paranormal Princess” Haley Michelle, and occasionally the Good Witch of Hollywood and Psychic Medium Patti Negri

“I was blown away by the accuracy and details of his various forms of readings. He is too good and should be with the top TV mediums and psychics. The variety of his readings, from Lenormand, I ching, to Remote viewing, and detailed mediumship, I have had many readings from him and they have always been amazing. I have been trying to open myself up to spirits and with his advice and knowledge, I have learned and improved drastically! I have had many, many readings with Mathew, from deity and spirit guide channeling, to tarot and Lenormand, I Ching, and even runes, they have all been spot on! Mathew’s skills with mediumship are on par with the top names. If you are thinking about getting a reading or trying to reach a passed loved one, or just want advice to improve your practice he is the person to see!”

– Anonymous Client Testimonial

“Mathew is very knowledgeable and detailed to better help understanding the reading. He is bubbly and happy and you can feel his amazing energy thaat makes you feel better. You can talk to him easily and he is very understanding. I think Mathew is a very gifted psychic medium who is amaazing at what he does, with amazing detail and knowledge. He is very knowledgeable in many things and can bring a lot to you. He is caring and has amazing energy that makes you feel welcomed and loved. He is amazing at helping people heal and grow and is just around amazing at what he does.”

-Anonymous Client Testimonial

“Mathew puts forward extra effort and accuracy! He has an easy, personable approach to serious work. Mathew accurately and succinctly figured out what was going on and why. He then gave advice and worked with me on the solutions. He also actively engaged me in protecting my own space. He happily engages in conversation and answers questions with as much knowledge as he possesses. It’s amazing to work with him and I will always be a repeat client!!”

-Anonymous Client Testimonial

“Mathew was very accommodating to my need for a late night reading due to my scheduled commitments which I greatly appreciate. I felt very relaxed and very open to what he could tell me. It was like two friends just chatting and the information he was receiving was comforting. As with all readings the person getting the reading tends to get temporary amnesia and as you think about things later you know exactly what they were referencing. My cat, Mojo, 18 years together, who passed on 2 years ago, came through. The only cat I ever had with brown fur. During the reading I was thinking I didn’t have a brown cat but 15 minutes after the reading I realized it was my Mojo. Also, today more birds than ever outside talking to me. I know I am a hard read but he did great! I will definitely get more readings from him in the future.”

Linda Morrison, University Magickus Student

“Mathew was able to confirm a past life I had. There was no way he could have known that information and honestly it felt wonderful to have that validated. The freeness of the session, Mathew’s style is not limited to any single form of divination. I honestly have never had a session like this, it was fun, free-spirited and information was brought up that Mathew could have not in any way known. Brilliant just brilliant and I’m already looking forward to making another booking.”

– Debbie Greene, University Magickus Student

Had a great Mediumship session with Mathew. He was able to tune into my grandfather right away (I’ve never been able to connect with him before). He picked up some of the funniest and most random details from my childhood, but I now know my grandfather is with me. Half an hour definitely wasn’t long enough for a session. Highly recommended!

– Lisa Chalmers, Author and University Magickus Student/Moderator

I have had two readings and a past life healing with Mathew. Mathew is incredible and I can’t describe in words how talented he is and how powerful his visions became. My Dad came through in one of my readings and Mathew described him to a tee. Mathew takes time to ask questions and interprets Spirit so beautifully. My Past Life Healing was amazing, and  I didn’t realize how much I needed  that healing and how free I would feel! You will not find another experience quite like a session with Mathew, I never want it to end! Thanks Mathew for being you and sharing your gifts!

– Cat Carleen, University Magickus Student and owner of MyTwistedMystic Etsy Store

Mat provided info on the past and present events and provided guidance on those. His authenticity and sincere manner is true to the great Victorian Spiritualist movement. Mat puts you at ease when communicating psychic messages. His strong connection with spirit is intoxicating. I will definitely book another session and recommend his services to friends.

-Kat Calavera, University Magickus Student

Matt is very good at what he does, honest and sincere in what he sees and says. My favorite part of his reading was his interaction and he explained it all well.

Ally Brody, University Magickus Student

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