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Mathew offers many modalities to his clients that suit a wide variety of spiritual interests and needs.

Because of his Victorian Mediumship and his draw to the era, he involves himself with séance, one on one mediumship sessions, non-electronic divination methods such as cartomancy (card reading) and charm casting, amongst others.

If you are local to the Salem, MA area and can make it in person, Mathew can even meet you.

If you can’t make it in person, Mathew does virtual sessions via Facebook Messenger Video, Skype, or Zoom.


Book through this site ^^^, and then payment must be accepted before the session is performed to one of my payments listed on my LinkTree below. All sessions that cancel more than 24 hours before the reading forfeit half the cost of the reading, while those that cancel within 24 hours of the session forfeit the cost of the whole session.

Cancellation and rescheduling are not the same thing. Meetings cannot be rescheduled if they are cancelled by the individual doing the scheduling. Rescheduled meetings are only for changes made by the Mistery, or before 24 hours before the reading without cancelling outright.

No-show clients automatically forfeit the cost of the reading. A no-show is a client who does not come into the meeting within 15 minutes of a reading, with exception to the 15 minute readings, which this time for no-show is 7 minutes.

For rates dealing with private séances, appearances, guest inquiries, and other work, contact Mathew through the contact form on the menu.

Mathew WILL NOT attempt to bring forward any dead intentionally that have been deceased for less than 40 days, unless in absolute emergency situations or if they are strong enough in energy, at his own discretion.

For informed consent: